Dmitriy U
Social network for developers. 500+ hours of my work (development and UI/UX)

Initially, the idea was to create a website, where starting coders could find inspiration for their pet projects, ProjectGram of some sort.

However now it’s shifting towards a bit broader scope with an emphasis on people instead of projects.

For beginner coders it will be beneficial to have a place to see what their colleagues made as their pet projects. So that they can avoid building same to-do lists and weather apps.

Frequently, when a candidate applies for a job, he has to pass HR manager prior to getting to technical interview. However the problem is that those HR guys are not coders themselves and usually they cannot assess candidate's technical skills and evaluate his GitHub profile.

This leads to more formal criterias being used, like higher education and prior work experience. So a good candidate may be rejected without having a chance to show his skills.

Therefore providing a portfolio with screenshots may increase a chance of passing this death valley.

At this moment there is no commission charged on lessons with mentors. So hopefully their fees will be a bit more affordable than on other platforms.

A lot more useful functionality will be added soon.

Dmitriy U
Chrome extension for learning foreign languages. 700+ hours of team work.
My role:

* Finding and managing a team of developers, designer, illustrator, copywriter, and several other members. All together about 12-14 team members.
* Generating ideas, testing them on beta versions
* Finding npm modules
* Finding dictionaries and editing them

This project has been inspided by Lingq — an app that helps learning languages by reading.

The idea behind R'n'C was to let users read what they like on the web without having to go to some website and use their content. A user can open any page on the web and use our extension.

Dmitriy U
Online pomodoro timer that keeps track of your lessons in different subjects and shows statistics. ~150 hours of my work

Project itself

it's now deployed without domain name, on Bubble's server, so you can try it for yourself.

I've been using it for the last year and a half for learning langauges. The pomodoro technique is very helpful.

Although no so helpful for learning programming.


Decided to try no-code solution for a project. Fun experience.

There's surely not much code involved.

However you have to think and plan pretty much in the same way as when using normal coding solutions.

Back then it was impossible to get the layout properly. CSS + HTML make a lot more sense.

So it's more useful to learn standard web development languages and frameworks. Takes a little bit more time but gives greater flexibility.