Dmitriy U
CRM for a chain of medical clinics. ~100 hours

I replaced the original developer of the project, so it was partly done. At least in terms of design.

My job was to output data to tables, add sortings and filters, brush up some nuances of registration.

Another task was to develop a mechanism for signing documents. I added Crypto Pro digital signature for staff members.

Parsing digital pdf documents during import to get names and ids of clients and doctors.

Dmitriy U
Dashboard showing current prices for multiple coins, price chart for BTC and a calculator for different currencies. 200+ hours of my work.

Designed and programmed a dynamic dashboard for cryptocurrencies. It uses API to get coin information and embaded chart to show BTC price.

Dmitriy U
Market place where small businesses can publish their services and find customers (tourists). Travel startup concept. MVP for testing business model. ~300 hours of my work for multiple MVP iterations
My role:

I'm developing an IT part of an MVP (programming, design) and working on a business model.

Team wanted:

Looking for a good marketing/PR professional with good communication skills (interpersonal, public speaking, cusdev) with experience of developing similar startups.

Tourists when coming to another city frequently find themselves asking the same question - "what can I do here?"

Ofcourse there are many aggregators with info on a particular city, but they don't make it easier to choose something. And they are usually limited to hotels/restaurants/excursions.

On the other hand there are many local small businesses owners who see tourists, but don't know how to reach out to them. Search engine advertising is too expensive and ineffective, partnering with hotels might be too much of a hustle and cost too much as well. And so on.

So Aventuras is the project that can connect these two groups, helping tourist get information about interesting activities, and small businesses get more sales.